Install ImplicitCAD

You do not need to install ImplicitCAD to use it. You can use it in the online editor provided by this website.

There are three ways you can install ImplicitCAD locally: install a binary, build the latest release, or build the development version. In the future, we hope to provide packages for Linux distributions, but we don't presently.

Download Binary from your OS vendor

Download the version for your operating system. It should work as is.

This may only give you the extopenscad executable. It might not give you the Haskell libraries. For most peoples' uses this is fine.

Windows / Mac Packages

Sadly, ImplicitCAD packages have not been made for these operating systems yet.


  1. Install GHC and cabal.
    • Debain/Ubuntu: apt-get install ghc cabal-install
    • Archlinux: pacman -S ghc cabal-install
    • Red Hat/Fedora: yum install ghc cabal-install
    • Mac OSX:
      • Homebrew: brew install ghc cabal-install
      • Fink doesn't seem to have a package for cabal Install the Haskell Platform manually as described here.
    • Windows: Follows these install instructions.
    • Other unices
  2. You now have two options for installation:
    • Latest release:
      • Use cabal to install ImplicitCAD: cabal update && cabal install implicit
    • Development version:
      • Install the dependencies: cabal update && cabal install hashmap parallel parsec plugins JuicyPixels blaze-builder blaze-markup blaze-svg storable-endian unordered-containers vector-space
      • Git clone this repo: git clone
      • cd in: cd ImplicitCAD/
      • cabal install it: cabal configure && cabal install

I get the error bash: extopenscad: command not found (or similar for your shell). * This probably means ~/.cabal/bin/ is not in your $PATH variable. Try using ~/.cabal/bin/extopenscad as your command instead.

I get the error module is not loaded: 'Graphics.Implicit' (./Graphics/Implicit.hs) when trying to use the ImplicitCAD Haskell library. * This is most likely a problem with your Linux distro and cabal not playing nice. GHC is not configured to see the ImplicitCAD libraries. You can confirm this by try the test in ~/.cabal/lib/. If that works, you should be able to use ghc anywhere with the -Ldir or -llib options. Alternatively, some people have permanently fixed this by doing the cabal install as root.